Month: August 2014

Dig the New Breed

The referendum campaign saw unprecedented levels of political activism and engagement from the public.

In the aftermath of the campaign it feels like there has been little time for reflection.

Debates rage on about the respective campaigns, more powers for the Scottish Parliament and some seek to re-open the whole thing by calling for the referendum to be re-run.

In Midlothian we are straight into a council by-election where the Labour Party have a great candidate in Kenny Young and his campaign has already begun.

Meanwhile the political engagement and activism generated by the referendum campaign seeks an outlet for expression.

The main beneficiaries of this undoubtedly look to be the parties associated with the Yes campaign with both the Greens and SNP reporting increased membership.

But it may not just be politics that benefits from these new activists.

Trade unions, local campaigns, community councils, parent teacher councils and other community groups could also be energised in the process.

Many if not all of these organisations will welcome new people getting involved bringing with them new ideas and new ways of doing things from their life experience.

So, if you are thinking about some way to keep your post referendum activism going and politics isn’t your favoured route take that first step and go along to a meeting of a local community group even by just going along you’ll be adding to the numbers attending and who knows where that might lead you to.